About Us

Buraq Digital is an online digital marketplace in Pakistan. Our main mission is to provide a platform for Pakistani freelancers, digital service sellers & teachers/trainers to sell their services to whole of Pakistan.

Let’s Deal With Trust

Providing a platform for those who are buying & selling their services on Facebook groups and other social media groups and also if want to deal offline and want to secure your payment for a freelance project, Just deal with in our services with mutual understanding between buyer & seller.

Support My Talent

Pakistan is a country full of Talent, full of fun and entertainment but sometimes the most talented person’s cannot showcase or improve his/her talent because of lack of financial support that’s why we bring this HOPE to those who have the TALENT and FOR THOSE WHO LOVE TO SUPPORT TALENT.

Business Listing

In the world of Internet if your business is not online you are out of the business.
Now you can list your business online on Buraq Digital easily without any special knowledge and get exposure to hundreds of thousand customer.
It does not matter whether its online business or offline.

Influencer Marketing

In Pakistan, peoples are looking for social media influencer for their business promotional activities but many time can’t find the right social media influencer, and also Pakistani influencer doesn’t have any specific platform to offer their services and influence businesses to reach a large number of peoples.

Live / Video Courses & Services

In recent time due to Covid-19 online education is the only option for the parent for their children and also teachers are also providing their services to teach online but no platform available for teacher and parents to find the best teachers and for teachers to get the students and also lots of other skilled peoples available to teach & trained Pakistani youth. A lot of services and skills persons are available on one platform.

Other Services

Some other services are also available likes website development, graphics designing and lots of important services FOR PAKISTANI PEOPLE TO PAKISTANI PEOPLES.