Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Knowing the client’s business is absolutely essential for all of our project teams.

Over engineering is one of the top most reasons for IT projects failure.

Wide spread knowledge of our chosen technologies in the market.

Projects rarely fail when Clients are actively involved.

How Buraq sees the Client

How Buraq sees the Client's Projects

Digital Marketing

"Engage and Target the right audience for Digital Marketing"

We design and implement solutions that provide a personalized experience to the customers and targets them based on their preferences and behavior. The web experience management is based on an analytics driven approach for effective targeting and conversion of customers.

Digital Marketing

We have skilled resources in concept design and development of UX, and implementation of their digital presence in CMS using Adobe Experience Management suite and Drupal

"Digital Marketing helps you make use of proven strategies and techniques that attract no necessarily more traffic - but highly targeted traffic that delivers results"

Business Intelligence & Big Data

"70% of IT execs consider their organization’s ability to gain value from Big Data as critical to future growth"
"65% say they risk becoming irrelevant and/or uncompetitive if they do not embrace big data"

We are driven to provide IT solutions that give companies an edge in this competitive market. This is why Business Intelligence is the heart of most of our technology solutions.

Our chosen and recommended BI tool Tableau is an industry leader for the last 3 years in the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms report.

Bespoke Development

"Project success rates have increased to 34 percent of all projects. That's more than a 100-percent improvement from the success rate found in the first study in 1994"
"Software failure is for the most part predictable and avoidable. Selecting the right vendor for software development solves most of your problems"

The primary reason is the projects have gotten a lot smaller. Doing projects with iterative processing as opposed to the waterfall method, which called for all project requirements to be defined up front, is a major step forward.

It is our belief that projects rarely fail when Clients are actively involved and are close to the technical resources.

Buraq follows an in house process for software development, a tailored version of Agile and Risk focused development methodology for software development that includes prototyping and frequent release cycles.

Payment Solutions & Loyalty Cards

"Payment solutions and loyalty cards are an important part of our enterprise solutions and our choice of S2M, an industry leader in payment systems enables us in providing the best possible services to our clients"

SELECT System is a payment system EMV native, complete, modular, which includes a Front-Office [Switch, ATM, POS and E-commerce], a Back-Office[acquirer and issuer], and complies with the standards of the international payment schemes VISA, Master Card, American Express.

Specially designed for the institutions that manage payment and loyalty cards to maximize their flexibility, effectiveness and productivity.

Independent modules that can be purchased separately providing consultancy, implementation, training, assistance, support and maintenance in 20 countries (America, Asia, Africa and Middle East) Over a 100 Private and public institutions [financial organizations, administrations, oil companies..].

Fraud Management

Fraud Management
"Making Sense of Big Data to Detect Frauds"
"Banks face high operational risk exposure due to rapidly evolving fraud patterns, human behavior and policies. Yesterday’s solutions don’t cut it today — let alone tomorrow"

Networks, operating systems, databases, banking applications, authentication systems, webservers, physical security systems... Each of these bank systems was designed for a particular task. They are each monitored individually, but fraud activity leverages several systems at once. You need to be able to cross-reference events and handle big data analytics to detect fraud.

FraudGuardian is packaged to easily fit with various banking architectures, with preset connectors for any core banking, database, operating system or network device used in banks. Its real-time auditing interface allows you to easily view all detected activities anytime. Buraq Digital Services are resellers of Fraud Guardians.

It is an out of the box solution which is ready to easily integrate into the most common core banking platforms such as Temenos T24, Oracle FlexCube, Finnova and Avaloq. The rapid deployment gives you peace of mind right away with end-to-end coverage of all business lines and IT operations.

"Banking fraud cost an estimated $67 billion in 2014. 70% of this was internal. Most remains undetected" Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Report to the Nations 2014


"We provide 360 degree services starting from digital strategy, UX, design for Digital Marketing applications and platforms leading to BI applications using Big Data and Analytics"

IT is the core ingredient of our solutions but the real emphasis on our side is the realization of business goals leading to an increased ROI for our clients. This is why our solutions don’t just target a technical implementation, we also advise our clients on strategies which they can adapt to gain an edge in the digital marketing and business intelligence domain.


"Industry matters to us and our domain experts and business analysts help our clients with the relevant business domains"

Buraq has already worked on the following industry areas and designed solutions to address our client needs. One of our priorities is to assign business domain experts for the relevant industry to produce better results. We have already helped our clients in designing solutions for the following industry.

Automotive, Finance, FMCG, Retail Markets


"Our tools are selected to given options to our Clients, we use some cutting edge technologies along with open source alternatives to most of the solutions we provide"

- Our tools for this reason are categorized in two,

- Enterprise software that we work on in collaboration with our partners.

- Open source alternatives to those to make our solutions affordable to a wider client base.

Virtual Team

"Fluctuating staff needs, higher costs and control over staff are the main drivers for our clients who opt to create virtual teams for projects"

A Solution that we offer to complete a project which doesn't fall within the capabilities of the organization due to shortage of manpower, infrastructure or other project loads. We aim to exceed even the highest expectations

because our staff augmentation is designed to respond to our client's sudden requirements. We provide best and the brightest personnel to accomplish what our client's want.

UX 360

"Concept, Strategy and Creative Designs
for your Digital Transformation"
"Ensuring your digital products fulfil your user's needs and your organizational objectives for increased engagement, satisfaction and conversions"

A Strong user experience(UX) is absolute essential to give our clients an edge over their competitors. An improved brand visibility, customer satisfaction, greater reach, higher conversion rates and improved search rankings are some of the benefits that are drawn out of a well designed UX experience for your website.


"Why Join Us?"
"Cutting Edge Technologies in Digital Marketing and Big Data"

We are always on the lookout for good competitive and hardworking resources. If you think you have the right attitude with

- Java Skills, Web Frontend development experience

- Interested in Business Intelligence, Data mining and Predictive Analytics based application development

Feel free to send your CV to info@buraqdigital.com

"Innovative Environment, Entrepreneurial Spirit
and a motivated Team"


"We partner with companies that provide proven time tested solutions so we can offer the best to our clients"
  • Asia Pacific Digital
  • S2M
  • Netguardians
"Our partners enable us in offering a complete product stack to our clients for Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence and Banking solutions"

Contact Us

Bilal Choudry, Technical Director & Business Consultant,

A Cloud Architect with over 14 years of experience working in Digital Marketing, Web experience management and IT consultancy. Bilal has published numerous papers on Integration of heterogeneous web services and costing model of WS transaction management.

Email: bchoudry@buraqdigital.com

Mian Ahmed Said, Director Business Development,

Over 20 years of experience in Digital experience management and Advertising. Ahmed is a veteran in the digital marketing domain and worked with some highly demanding clients helping them with Digital Transformation of their brands

Email: asaid@buraqdigital.com
Suite 211, Eden Heights,
6 Main Jail Road, Gulberg,
Lahore, Pakistan
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